Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common procedures that have a high level of patient satisfaction. Having an extremely high level of patient satisfaction, these are the breast augmentation surgeries intended to increase the fullness of the breasts to compensate for the insufficient breast volume.

  • The location where the implant will be positioned
  • The location from where the implant will be inserted

One of the important points to consider is the location where the implant will be positioned. If the patient lacks sufficient breast volume, the implant will be positioned under the muscle. Another important point is the location from where the implant will be inserted. I prefer the inframammary fold. There are three regions from where the implant may be inserted in breast surgeries: armpit, nipple and inframammary fold.


Why the inframammary fold?

The necessary information will be explained during examination along with the reasons. Another point to consider is the place where the implant will be positioned. The implant is positioned under the breast, under the breast muscle membrane, under the muscle or in the most appropriate combination of these locations for the patient. The most suitable location is determined by examining the patient.

What type of implant? Is it round or anatomic (teardrop)?

This is a decision to make after we discuss it with you and examine you.

Breast Augmentation
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Who can undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery, are there any risks?

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic surgery preferred by people who are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. Breast implant, with which small breasts are not your fate, is a satisfactory surgical procedure with proven success and reliability. Suitable for people who are of full age and whose breasts have completed their development, breast augmentation surgery is known to have an important role in the person’s wellbeing and self-confidence.

The selection of the size of the implant for breast augmentation depends on the general physical structure and anatomy of the patient. An implant not suitable for the physical structure would be far from being natural and aesthetic and may result in a decrease in the person’s quality of life and comfort.  ⠀

Having decided on which implant will be selected and where it will be positioned, the patient can get the breasts they have dreamed of shortly after being put under general anesthesia and being operated. The patient can be discharged on the same day and return to socialization after a short recovery period. ⠀

Breast implants do not negatively affect pregnancy, breastfeeding or breast cancer. Furthermore, any woman who has undergone a breast augmentation surgery can freely have their Ultrasonography, Mammography and MRI taken.



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