Facelift surgery is the one that creates the most difference from among all aesthetic operations. This surgery also called conventional, total and full facelift involves the mid face, lower face and the entire neck. ⠀

A couple of different methods can be adopted in this surgery. The patient’s state of health, use of tobacco, age, sex, aging degree of their face, skin condition, and facial bone structure play an important role in selection of the method. Additionally, the extent of the surgery is determined based on the needs of the patient. In a general sense, the purpose of all these techniques is to lift and restore the skin by maximizing the elevation and repositioning of subdermal soft tissues and connective tissues called SMAS. The scarring resulting from this surgery is more extended than the scarring of the mini facelift surgery. ⠀

In full facelift surgeries, it is intended to shape the requiring areas of the face by transferring fat from different areas of the patient, which is an application that will further the results of the procedure. Application such as TCA Peeling and CO2 laser may be done for improving and rejuvenating the skin after the surgery.

After full facial surgery, patients can return to their work and social lives within 2 weeks to one month.

Facelift Surgery
Yüz Germe

Mini Facelift Surgery

Mini Facelift surgery is performed in middle aged patients to give a younger look to the face with small interventions when the skin is not much saggy. Mini Facelift surgery is the most preferred method by women and men aged 40-50 when the skin is not much saggy. ⠀

Mini Facelift is a surgery intended to lift the lower mid-section of the face and correct the age-related small saggy appearance around the chin. This surgery may even be performed under local anesthesia. In mini facelift, the scarring is shorter compared to total facelift as the incision made in front of the ear ends behind the ear. This way, a more natural look is obtained and the downtime is shorter. The patient may return to normal work and social life within 1 week after the surgery. ⠀

The purpose of facelift is not to stretch the skin. It is to elevate and reposition the soft tissue and connective tissue under the skin.

Applications after a mini facelift surgery include TCA Peeling and CO2 Laser to improve the skin, correct fine wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

What are the Applications that can be Combined with Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery is a common facial aesthetic procedure. When performed particularly in combination with neck and periocular surgeries, it results in a dramatically rejuvenated and beautiful skin.

When performing facelift and neck life operations, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks and lips should also be taken into consideration. For a natural and effective facial rejuvenation operation, it is important to correct the saggy and baggy appearance of the eyelids, correct the wrinkles around the eyebrows and the eyes, improve the sagginess in the neck region, and correct the age-related depressions in the face and the sagginess and cavities in the cheeks with fat injections from different regions of the face.⠀

Eyebrow lift and eyelid aesthetics are among the operations that are concurrently combined with facelift operations.



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