Our skin starts drying in time. Aging, environmental factors, quality of skin and conditions of living play a highly effective role in this. The more elastic our skin is and the more moisture it has, the younger and brighter it will look. Youth Vaccine/Moisture Vaccine is a moisture vaccine with hyaluronic acid content. It helps the skin look younger and brighter and is highly effective in correcting fine lines. We can also call it a kind of youth vaccine. The areas of application include the face, the décolleté and the hands.


How is it applied?

The patient’s face or area of application is anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream for 15 to 20 minutes. The vaccine is injected into the skin 1-2 centimeters apart. Tiny bruises may appear on your face where the needle penetrates the skin; however, this is highly unlikely. You will not experience any puffiness or swelling on your face. You can return to socialization on the same day.


When will the effects show?

Within a few days, you will see that your face is starting to look brighter and your wrinkles are improving.


What is the frequency of application?

The effect lasts for nine months, after which you can safely get the procedure done again.



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