It is now up to you and in our capable hands to rejuvenate aged, tired looking and deeply wrinkled faces. For this, we have various alternatives. Our facial rejuvenation operations can be divided into two categories as non-surgical methods and methods combined with surgery. When a patient consults with me, we first determine which of these two methods is right for them. After deciding on the suitable method (if a non-surgical method will be selected), I discuss with my patients and decided on the suitable methods to globally rejuvenate the face by reintroducing the new and previous dynamism to the face. These methods include filler applications, fat injections, peeling or a combination of any of them. It is possible to smooth the fine wrinkles on the facial skin and neck and to introduce a more exuberant look.

Application of fillers into under-eye area, cheeks, nasolabial grooves, lips and other regions requiring fillers is an integral part of the facial procedures. On the other hand, facial thread lift methods with various threads can be used alone or in combination.
If I will treat my patient using a surgical method, I try to help them feel better about how they look by introducing a more exuberant and younger appearance with the surgical methods I apply on the eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids, cheeks, face and neck.

Facial Rejuvenation

Aesthetic facial and neck surgery can be categorized into two groups as mid-face and lower face surgeries. Performing lower face and neck surgeries at the same time is important in terms of integrity of the operations. Mid-face aesthetic operations generally involve elevating and helping the saggy cheek tissue regain their former volume with the interventions made through the lower eyelid or the scalp. When aesthetic lower face and mid-face operations are performed together, it is possible to make an incision starting in front of the ear and ending behind the ear in order to elevate and reposition the mid-face and neck as well as the neck muscles.

It will reveal the expression of youth to ensure a reverse triangle look between the chin and the edges of both eyes, which is called as the expression of youth. As we age, this reverse triangle loses its shape and an old-age look dominates the entire face along with sagging tissue. It is possible to give you a look of the younger age you will feel happy about by reversing the signs of aging and introducing a younger expression. In general, you can return to socialization within two weeks and quickly recover both physically and mentally.

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