Who wouldn’t want to get the nose of their dreams? This is why aesthetic nose surgeries, a.k.a. rhinoplasty, is one of the most performed surgeries in the world. A successful aesthetic nose surgery means creating a natural looking nose that integrates with and contributes in the harmony of the person’s face. A natural looking nose is the one that creates a difference in the face -a subtle difference that one cannot tell if it is because of the nose.

For a successful rhinoplasty operation, a face-to-face consultation is required with the patient to determine what they desire and inform them on what can be done. Later, we work on the highly approximated form of the nose that is desired by you and special for you using digital imaging methods and discuss the form of the nose we can obtain. And then comes the surgery… The day of the surgery is when the excitement is in the air. We quell your excitement and help you undergo the surgery in the most relaxed mood (We hold your hand and give you a sedative). And at the time you leave yourself in our capable hands and we’re counting back from 10, we get down to work on the nose we’ve talked about. Your surgery is completed the moment I tell myself as your surgeon that, “I’ve done all of what we’ve planned to the best of my ability and there is no question mark left on my mind”.

It would be better for you to stay in the hospital for a day after the surgery. Following, you will wear a silicon nasal splint in your nose and a thermoplastic splint on your nose for a week. After the splints are removed in about one week, a special band will be applied, which will be used to properly reduce edema for a couple of weeks. After one month has passed, the swelling on your nose will have been reduced by 80%. The remaining 20% will take six months to one year to go away as your nose gets its final shape. However, people will not realize any swelling on your nose one month after the surgery. That will be a secret between you and me, your doctor. We can say that your nose will have completed the healing process when you feel as you used to feel when you touch your nose and your nose feels soft to the touch as it used to be.

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The three significant benefits of rhinoplasty are that, in the order of importance: objectively, your nose will look better; subjectively, you will feel better; and functionally, you will breathe better.


Is there any difference between Rhinoplasty for Men and Rhinoplasty for Women?

Today, men are also much interested aesthetic operations. Rhinoplasty surgery is among the aesthetic operations demanded by both women and men. ⠀

While some men have aesthetic nose surgeries due to respiratory and bones issues, a large number of them prefer having the procedure for aesthetic reasons. ⠀

Dimensions and approach differ in aesthetic nose procedures for women and men. A tip-tilted nose applied for women would give a feminine look to a man; on the contrary, the tip of the nose should not be tilted and its ridge should be flat for an ideal look in men. ⠀

Considering racial characteristics play a part in nose aesthetics, men in our society have a large and aquiline nasal structure. The sense of beauty should also be taken into account when planning nose aesthetics in both women and men, targeting a harmonious and natural look for the face rather than general liking.

What is Composite Nose Aesthetics?

Composite Nose Aesthetics is the application of fat injections or filler injections along with rhinoplasty when the rhinoplasty operation alone falls short in people who have thin skin on and around the nose.

In Composite Nose Aesthetics, fat injections or filler injections may be applied during rhinoplasty in order to compensate for the lack of tissue and help thicken the skin in people who have insufficient nasal tissue due to a trauma or a congenital anomaly. ⠀

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure a visual of the nose ridge silhouette and the silhouette that descends into the curve of the brow, protecting the integrity of the skin.

How many Nose Aesthetics Methods are there?

Aesthetic nose surgery, medically known as Rhinoplasty, is the most preferred surgical operation from among those conducted to improve nasal deformities. Nose can be reduced or augmented, the shape of the tip and bridge of the nose can be changed, the nostrils or the area around them can be narrowed down, and the angle between the base of the nose and the forehead or the tip of the nose and the upper lip can be changed with the help of aesthetic nose operations. ⠀

Aesthetic nose operations can be performed using two different techniques:

Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty. Open Rhinoplasty is a technique that involves making a small incision in the skin between the nostrils and raising the nasal skin to reveal the nose structure.

In Closed Rhinoplasty, the surgery is performed directly through the nostrils. These two techniques are completely different from each other. In Closed Rhinoplasty technique, no incision scars form on the tip of the nose since all the incisions are made within the nostrils. This technique is rather used to treat and improve issues of the ridge and tip of the nose.  ⠀

In Closed Rhinoplasty, the cartilages of the tip of the nose are traumatized less; therefore, the aesthetical target success is high and the downtime is shorter. ⠀

The reason for preferring Open Rhinoplasty may be nose revisions and fixing septum deviations.

Is there an Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an operation sought for both aesthetic and health-related reasons. There is an ever-increasing interest in rhinoplasty, which has become much easier with advancing technology and medical developments in this area. ⠀

Rhinoplasty may be needed due to aesthetic or anatomic concerns. Important reasons of having a rhinoplasty include aesthetic concerns such as hook nose, long nose, curved tip of the nose, large nostrils or asymmetry and structural and functional problems inside the nose decreasing breathing quality.

In rhinoplasty, bone and cartilage development is taken into consideration rather than the age of the patient. Since rhinoplasty operations require ensuring that the musculoskeletal system has sufficiently developed, the operation must be held off until children complete their bone development. Although plastic surgery has no upper age limit, anesthesia and other complications must be taken into account as the age increases and depending on the state of health. Rhinoplasty is an operation that any man or woman who has a fully developed musculoskeletal system and suitable state of health can conveniently seek for aesthetic or anatomic reasons.



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